Exercising for 13 minutes day could extend life expectancy by 3 years

Exercising for just 13 minutes a day could extend life expectancy by three years, researchers have found. The findings suggest people do not need to spend hours in the gym to see benefits to health. read more

Shortchanged: Why British Life Expectancy Has Stalled

HARTLEPOOL, England — Britons are no longer living longer than before. Just ask Callum Hills. His father died of a heart attack last year at age 52. Mr. Hills had found him stricken on the floor in ... read more

Ben Shapiro Defends Joe Biden on Health Care, Says Life Expectancy Stats Shouldn't Include Accidents, Suicides

Conservative political commentator Ben Shapiro defended 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden's "This is America" health care comments at Thursday night's debate. Shapiro touted the United ... read more

Commentary: Why the patriarchy is killing men

What goes underreported is how great it is for men, too. In fact, Icelandic men enjoy the highest life expectancy in Europe. They live almost as long as women do. If the number of years spent on ... read more

Gazette-Mail editorial: Poverty, life-expectancy gap troubling

At this point, West Virginians could probably do without any more studies telling them how the state’s population, on average, is older, poorer, less healthy and less happy than the rest of the United ... read more

Revealed: The North East areas where you will have the longest and shortest life expectancy

Towns and cities in the North have some of the shortest life expectancies in England - find out how your home ranks Northern towns and cities have the worst life expectancy rates in the country, ... read more

What you think you know about the climate is probably wrong – new UK poll

Murder rates, deaths from terrorism and extreme poverty are all down. Life expectancy, health and education levels are up. And yet, there is one vital, urgent exception to this rule: we still don ... read more

Average life expectancy in Taiwan hits new high of 80.7 years in 2018

Taipei, Sept. 11 (CNA) The average life expectancy in Taiwan hit a new high of 80.7 years in 2018, with men and women averaging a record 77.5 years and 84 years, respectively, according to ... read more

How to live longer: Can eating an apple a day increase life expectancy? Dr Chris' verdict

Long life can be achieved through some healthy lifestyle choices, such as eating the right foods. As part of a healthy, balanced diet, experts recommend eating a least five portions of a variety of ... read more

The Long and Short of Life Expectancy

Life expectancy in the UK appears to be stalling after years of dramatic improvements. The science writer and broadcaster Timandra Harkness asks why this is happening, who is affected, and how we ... read more

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